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Veritas Prep Graduate Punts His Way to UCLA

Veritas Prep June 6, 2024 -


Veritas Alumni Brody Richter holding a football

Brody Richter, a class of 2022 graduate of Veritas Prep, is set to become the starting punter for the UCLA Bruins this fall. Brody’s path from a high school soccer player at a small school to a collegiate football player is nothing short of inspiring.

Richter began at Archway Veritas in the second grade. His initial adjustment to the school wasn’t smooth, but over time, he grew to appreciate the unique environment that Veritas offered. “I won’t lie, I didn’t like it at first. I went through ‘til 6th or 7th grade and then I begged my parents to let me go to a different school,” he recalled. “I went to a public school for a little bit and then maybe half a semester and I was like, ‘Get me out! I want to go back!’”

Richter returned to Veritas Prep, this time with more appreciation for what the academy had to offer. “It’s a fantastic school academically. They’re awesome. Teachers are fantastic. You get to be real close with all your classmates too, because classes aren’t too big,” he said.

Surprisingly, Richter didn’t play high school football until his senior year. Despite only playing football for a short time, Richter’s kicking talent shone through. At Veritas Prep, Richter was better known as one of the school’s top athletes on the soccer field. He received several soccer scholarships but ultimately turned them down due to knee issues.

Veritas Alumni Brody Richter in soccer uniform

After graduating high school, he attended Arizona State University (ASU) for a year, studying civil engineering. Although he didn’t play football for the Sun Devils, he continued to practice independently. His dedication and punting ability soon paid off and earned him a preferred walk-on (PWO) spot at Northern Arizona University (NAU). “I ended up beating out the punter that was initially there for the starting position and I ended up playing five games in total and I averaged 43 yards,” he shared. “And I didn’t have any blocked punts. I thoroughly enjoyed it – thoroughly enjoyed playing – it is a lot of fun.”

Veritas Alumni Brody Richter kicking a football

Richter ended up changing his major to electrical engineering while at NAU and continued seeking greater opportunities in football. He entered the Transfer Portal and reached out to several colleges, including UCLA. The Bruins recognized his potential and offered him a spot on their team.

Veritas Alumni Brody Richter in Bruins football uniform

He is excited about his future in California. “It’s a fantastic school education-wise. The football program is awesome in its own right too, and everything over there… the weather conditions… everything is awesome over there. So, I just can’t wait…”

He credits Veritas Prep for his smooth transition to college life. “Veritas did an awesome job getting me ready for college and I’m so grateful.” His gratitude extends to his parents, his teachers at Veritas, and his independent punting coach for helping him get this amazing opportunity.

He also highlights the role of his soccer background in his football success. “Punting is a lot more technique than it is power,” he explained. “When I started off, I actually had trouble controlling how much power I put into a punt because I didn’t have good technique. So, it was definitely a climb, but playing soccer for basically my entire life definitely helped with all of this process.”

Veritas Alumni Brody Richter kicking a football

As he begins his next chapter as a starting punter for the UCLA Bruins, his past as a Veritas Prep Falcon will never be too far behind him.

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