Tax Credit

Support the Arizona Tax Credit Drive Today

What is the Tax Credit drive?

The Tax Credit drive provides nearly half of the funding for our vibrant co-curricular, athletics and character-building programs for our students. Because of your participation in the Tax Credit drive, our students are offered experiences outside of the classroom that continue their transformation to become great-hearted leaders. Our students take part in co-curricular and character-building programs such as athletics, speech and debate, choir, orchestra, on-site and off-site field trips, robotics and gardening, to name only a handful of the programs that are offered throughout the network.

How does it work?

The Arizona Public School Tax Credit is a program that allows Arizona taxpayers to contribute to the public school of their choice and receive a dollar-for-dollar credit on their state taxes.

Married couples may contribute up to $400 and single filers may contribute up to $200 and receive the full credit from their state tax liability. Tax Credit contributions support our qualified extra-curricular and athletic programs, field trips and character-building programs.

Please use the links above to make your Tax Credit donation.

Who can participate?

Every Arizona taxpayer can take advantage of the Arizona Public School Tax Credit and support our academies. We ask every family to contribute their Tax Credit and invite their extended network of friends and family to do the same.

100% of your gift stays at your school. Please visit your academy website to make your Arizona Public School Tax Credit contribution.