Community Investment

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Archway Academies:

Great Hearts Anthem  •  Archway Arete  •  Archway Chandler  •  Archway Cicero  •  Archway Glendale  •  Archway Lincoln  •  Archway North Phoenix  •  Great Hearts Roosevelt  •  Archway Scottsdale  •  Archway Trivium  •  Archway Veritas

Prep Academies:

Great Hearts Anthem  •  Arete Prep  •  Chandler Prep  •  Cicero Prep  •  Glendale Prep  •  Lincoln Prep  •  Maryvale Prep  •  North Phoenix Prep  •  Great Hearts Roosevelt  •  Scottsdale Prep  •  Trivium Prep  •  Veritas Prep

What is the Community Investment campaign?

Though charter schools are funded less than district schools, Great Hearts is committed to offering our students the best education possible, a Great Hearts education.

In order to provide our faculty and students with the resources they need to learn and thrive, we ask for support through our Community Investment campaign. This annual fund covers the gap between what we need to deliver the top-tier education that your children deserve and what we receive from public funding.

Your Community Investment gift directly supports the school’s operating budget. Community Investment:

• Covers some of the gap between what we need to deliver the top-tier education that our children deserve and what we receive from public funding
• Helps us support our excellent and dedicated faculty
• Keeps our class sizes smaller for more individualized attention
• Enables us to offer programs like art, music, and foreign language on a daily basis
• Allows us to offer our students a private school education in a public school setting

How do families participate?

We ask each family to contribute $1,500 per student per year in Arizona to help cover the gap. Knowing that each family’s situation in unique, we encourage families to give as they are able. Every family’s participation, at any level, is vital to supporting our teachers and students and the educational priorities of our academy.

100% of your gift stays at your school. Please visit your academy website to make your Community Investment campaign gift above.