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Meet Paul Schubring – Chandler Prep Alumni Leads Lincoln Prep to State Championship Game

Lincoln Prep May 31, 2024 -


Headshot of Paul SchubringPaul Schubring, now a respected faculty member and the assistant headmaster at Lincoln Preparatory Academy, has found his past as a student intertwining with his present role as an administrator and coach. Having grown up in Gilbert, Arizona, Schubring began attending Great Hearts in seventh grade at Chandler Prep during its inaugural year in 2004.

Schubring remembers the temporary locations the academy inhabited. “I was in the pet store, the furniture store, the movie theater, and then, my senior year, the current campus,” he recalled. “I loved my time at Chandler Prep. We had amazing, amazing teachers, I met amazing and lifelong friends (as well as my wife), and I feel like attending Great Hearts helped form me into the man I am today.”

He graduated Chandler Prep in 2011 and attended Macalester College in St. Paul, Minnesota, where he pursued a double major in History and Classics while also excelling in football and baseball. After graduation, Schubring and his wife, Hannah Quick, lived in Central Massachusetts for two years before deciding to return to Arizona.

“My wife and I wanted to move from the cold of Massachusetts back to the warmth of Arizona. I wanted to be at a classical school as a teacher, and Great Hearts obviously does that really well,” he said. He interviewed at several campuses before choosing Lincoln Preparatory Academy for its opportunity to contribute to building a new school, reminiscent of his experience at Chandler Prep.

Paul Schubring with his wife

“I threw myself into the community with sports, teaching, and campus activities, and I was incredibly fortunate to be offered many different opportunities at Lincoln over the years,” he said. “I felt very lucky to have this opportunity. I felt like my experience as a student gave me instant currency to spend with the students about the value of what Great Hearts does.” He has found true joy in helping grow Lincoln Prep into the amazing school that it is today.

Paul Schubring coaching the Lincoln Prep baseball team

Schubring said he loves coaching football and baseball and has also coached basketball. He said he enjoys the opportunity to connect with students across different grade levels. His coaching career at Lincoln Prep has recently included leading the varsity baseball team to their first-ever state championship game, attesting to the dedication and commitment of both him and his players.

“This baseball run was magical,” he said. “It felt like our kids were totally bought in, fully committed to a goal of state, and never had a doubt at our ability to win a game during the playoffs. The seniors on the team this year were my original sixth grade Latin students, so it was extra special to do this with that particular group.” As far as coaching achievements go, he said playing for a state championship takes the cake.

Paul Schubring posing behind home plate with the Lincoln Prep baseball team

While his coaching achievements stand out, Schubring also harbors a passion for musical theater, a facet of his personality not immediately evident to everyone. And beyond his professional life, he treasures his eight-year marriage to Hannah, and their Cavapoo dog named Darcy.

Looking back over his time at Lincoln Prep, Schubring is grateful for the people who have shaped him along the way. “I want to thank Dr. Benjamin Mitchell for giving me the opportunity to work at Lincoln, Jenn Bradley for offering me the chance to coach so many sports, Eric Tope for being the best mentor and friend I could hope for the last seven years, Alex Julian for his influence on my life, and Aaron Foshie for jumping in the deep end with me and committing to building a strong athletics program.”

Paul Schubring coaching the Lincoln Prep baseball team

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